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The company is located in the North of Duisburg, close to the former heavy industry that has coined the landscape and mentality of the Ruhr valley.

How it started...

After having worked for a well-known electric Installation company within the field of machine building industry, process plant engineering and industrial plants for a long time, Werner Freyling, who had gained sufficient knowledge of the business through his worldwide experience, decided to establish his own company.

His contacts welcomed the decision and this in return encouraged the necessary confidence for venturing the idea of entrepreneurship. In order to prosper successfully in such a competitive market, Werner Freyling decided to open his company as a family business, since small businesses such as this mainly rely on personal responsibility and confidence. By the end of 2013, Werner and Constance Freyling jointly decided to retire and handed over the business to Benjamin Jauerning. In January 2014, Benjamin Jauerning assumed ownership and took over from Werner Freyling, who places his complete faith into Benjamin. Benjamin has gained sufficient insights into and knowledge about all aspects of the business of Freyling Elektroindustriemontagen GmbH for years. Some time ago, Werner Freyling included Benjamin Jauernig in all tasks and responsibilities of the management of Freyling GmbH.

Considering questions of consulting, commissioning and electric Installations, please contact Benjamin Jauernig: Regarding enquiries within the field of accounting, billing or administration, please contact Ursula Walgenbach: If you are interested in working for Freyling GmbH, please contact Rolf Zerpner:

Especially our broad experience in worldwide electric installations makes it possible to focus our attention on national as well as international business and activities. You can find evidence for our knowledge and partaking within various industrial erections around the globe. Our employees are willing and able to provide services that suit the level established by Werner Freyling himself, and our customers are glad that Freyling GmbH is nowadays a medium-size business that they can rely on, when implementing new technology, and Modernisations of established machinery. In the year 2004 we have been bestowed the ISO 9001 certificate. This is a standard to which we - as family as well as employees - have committed ourselves totally and implicitly. Your electric partner for services within different fields of industry.